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The Secret Life of Sarah Meads

The Secret Life of Sarah Meads is an exploration of the mental health and well-being of motherhood, or more succinctly, the lack of it.

VK Tritschler wanted to bring a character to the page who was barely coping, and explore how she would react given the expectations of modern parenting when a new love interest arrives in the form of the handsome and successful Antonio. Sarah is overwhelmed and feels flawed, in a world when we are told to hide our flaws and pretend to cope when we aren't. She is an unwilling heroine of her own adventure, and she struggles to come to terms with her own imperfection. She strives to find her own voice as she forgoes her concerns and mental health to support her family. Antonio, is also deliberately chosen to be dominant and handsome. He is the archetypal male role model and hero. So for him to be successful in light of her failure, it is a play on the roles society places on both men and women, and how we choose to engage in these roles. 

The Secret Life of Sarah Meads

What do you get when you mix a frustrated working mother, an absentee husband, a handsome stranger and a psychotic work colleague?
Sarah Meads was about to find out.
The hardest part was going to be keeping it quiet.
Well that...and keeping her sanity.

VK Tritschler

VK Tritschler is a native New Zealander, who is now residing in Port Lincoln, South Australia. She had been a member of Eyre Writers (an established author and writers group) since 2010, and has been an active writer since youth. This is her first published book and uses her background as a mother, woman and degree in Psychology. 

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