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The dichotomy of the seasons

While I write this it's hot outside. Hot enough to melt ice-creams in your hand, stick tar to your shoes and make animals pant and dribble. I call it the shorts and no-shoes season. But on my laptop I am reading an article about the cold-snap hitting American, and watching videos of snow in Europe. It is the time of year again when my imagination runs rife with the contrast of the worlds weather. One plane ride away a few hours either direction from me now, and I will need a snow jacket. So whatever end of the scale and either end of the world you sit, I hope this finds you safe and well, and maybe reading a good book. I am about to go and enjoy my next one with a cool drink on the deck.

This month's author: Josephine Beintema

Josephine is a Canadian author and blogger who has written several books and even offers a copy of a free short-story on her website. I had the pleasure of asking her some questions for you!

When did you first start writing, and what sticks out about that period in your life?

I started writing when I was a teenager. I had a really great mentor who assisted me in honing my craft at that time. Without her I would never would be the writer that I am today. Who is the strongest character you have even created and what did you like or dislike about them? I don't know about my strongest character, but I love to map of my main characters. I always know what they're going to do, however my secondary characters always surprise me! They are funny, and unexpected with their actions and conversation. I think sometimes they try and steal the scene.

What has been the hardest part of being an author to date?

For me the hardest part of being an author is showcasing it to others. Many women who become entrepreneurs have a hard time putting themselves out there. Having confidence in yourself and in your business, mine being writing, is something that can be hard for many women to do. So it's important that we own our talents, and that we Empower ourselves by claiming those talents. For me that means introducing myself as an author.

What has been the high point of your writing so far?

I love writing. I love being an author. Recently I was at a convention where there were eight hundred to a thousand women and I mentored. It was so exciting to know that there are so many women who are interested in furthering themselves in this craft. I absolutely adored meeting them and now that I've been writing for 20 years and now that I'm reading for Market I feel like I am qualified to give back to them. It was an amazing few days.

Josephine's favorite way of engaging with her readers is via Facebook, where she shares her ideas and thoughts at hope you can take a moment to support her by liking her page, and I extend my thanks to her for being interviewed! Next months author will be : Kendall Bartels, author of "Pride and Passion".

This months book challenge - To win yourself a $10 Amazon gift card, this month I would like you to send in a review of a book you have read recently that you enjoyed. Each month our winner will have their review published in my next months blog and get the gift card information emailed to them. So send me your review - any book, any genre, let's see what you love to read! I wish to thank you for taking the time to read and engage with me! Happy reading everyone! VK Tritschler

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