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The changing world of print

I am of the generation that existed before the internet (though I don't often admit it). A time when people sold books of information called an encyclopedia to your family, and it cost a fortune and couldn't be downloaded. You had to open pages to see the pictures, it was an alphabetical order which didn't make sense all the time; and unless you could afford to buy a new version each year, you would potentially be stuck with outdated knowledge. Now the use of print is being questioned for everything. Do you even want to print that email that you just sent or received? How about the book you want to read, could you not just get it downloaded to your iPhone or listen to it as an audiobook from your tablet? Probably. But I will tell you this, that the feel of those words and images under your fingertips as you flip through the solid set pages of an encyclopedia taught me one thing. There is nothing better than the feel of a solid book in your hand.

So as I maneuver my way through the minefield of options to distribute my stories as an author, I was keen to hear about how others feel about their books and characters, to help inspire me to print some more of my own.

This month's authors:

Kellie Wallace

As a resident of Sydney, Kellie surrounds herself with a busy lifestyle and a range of genres. From historical fiction to dystopian new-adult, she has probably got a book under her belt for that style. So I was keen to discuss with Kellie about how she manages to juggle all those roles and ideas. Here is what she told me:

What is your favorite genre to write, and why do you prefer it?

I love writing historical fiction, particularly the 1940s as I have a fascination with that era. The fashion, the movies, the movie stars. It was so glamorous.

How much time do you dedicate in a week to your writing, and how do you like to organize your time spent?

I try to write every day. I work full time and have a toddler so I don't get a lot of time to myself! I dedicate a few hours a day to write as it's a distresser for me. Once my son has gone to bed, I flick on NetFlix and hammer out a few paragraphs.

What has been your proudest moment as an author so far?

My proudest moment as an author was to have my book published. It's a huge accomplishment to finish and publish a work as so much time goes into it. Any time I finish writing a story, I sit back and think about how far I've come. Every book is something to be proud of.

Who has been the hardest character you have ever written, and what about them was difficult?

Male characters are hard to write because it's difficult for me to relate. I try to remain unbiased and not fall into stereotypical traps. I love the freedom of writing a female character, so creating a believable and likable male character is a positive challenge.

Kellie loves to catch up with her readers via her Facebook page at:

I hope you can take a moment to offer support for her by checking it out, and I extend my thanks for being interviewed!

Kailash Amesur

Kailash is an Indian based author and entrepreneur who has recently written a suspense novel. I was interested to learn more from him:

What inspired you to write a suspense novel and where did the concept for it come from?

I am been always fond of suspense and mystery. Writing fiction needs a lot of imagination. First, you come with an idea and then characters’ and then you imagine those characters' life. Every time when I write I imagine the character in-depth giving it different shades.

Do you plan out your writing or do you prefer to free-write?

I prefer planned writing but I always end up free writing. Suspense readers are very inquisitive they have a great craving to solve the mystery, anytime if the books become predictable it becomes boring, so idea is to write every next page unpredictable.

How has writing affected your working life? Did it help you to become an entrepreneur?

Yes, a lot, in fact, my first book after I left my last job was the journey about being an entrepreneur.

Where is your favorite place to write and why?

It’s always GOA. It's one of the places I can engage myself writing for months

Kailash loves talking with readers via:

I hope you can take a moment to offer support for him by checking it out, and I extend my thanks for being interviewed!

I wish to thank you for taking the time to read and engage with me! Happy reading everyone! VK Tritschler

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