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Do you smell the hint of Christmas in the air? That warm scent of heated cinnamon? Hear those jingling bells? Yes, folks, we are getting closer and closer to the time of the jolly fat man. And I for one, am grateful that he's almost here. Bringing with him the chance for me to forget my diet, put down my pen, and indulge a little more heartily in helpings than I would for most of the year. But, the months not over yet and I still have words to write, stories to complete, and a dose of reality to bring to all my characters. In between reading other books of course! So I thought I would touch base with some other busy authors and see how their November was going.

This month's authors:

Tricia Silverman

Tricia is a registered dietician, certified wellness coach, and fitness instructor. If that was not enough to keep her busy, she also writes books, attends podcasts, and is a gifted public speaker. I was keen to hear about how she managed all those different roles.

Your writing comes back to a health perspective, what do you think is one thing people can do to improve their everyday health?

The one thing that can truly make a huge difference is to eat a rainbow array of vegetables and fruits. Focusing on consuming different colors will also help you increase the quantity of vegetables and fruits. So many people are not getting enough of these. Vegetables and fruits are associated with longevity, weight management, and disease prevention. They also contribute to healthier vibrant skin and a more robust immune system. For example, when you eat red, orange, and yellow vegetables, you eat carotenoids which are nutrition powerhouses. They help you to see better, may protect you from some sun damage, are cancer fighters, work as antioxidants, and help support a healthy immune system.

What made you want to write a book?

I feel that I have helpful information to share, and want to help people make simple changes that will reap huge benefits. I have met and worked with so many interesting people since becoming a dietitian over 24 years ago. I learned so much about behavior change and healthy habits, that I felt the time was right to share this to impact people on a larger scale. In the book. I share stories of people like you and me who have made simple changes in their health that have led to huge healthy dividends. One woman’s pain went away when she lost almost 100 pounds. Her copays, medication bills, and frequent doctor visits also went away when she implemented the healthy habits that helped her to lose weight. I feature her tips and insights in the book, along with so many others.

Who do you think would benefit most from your writing?

I have noticed that people from different races, genders, gender identities, and ages have all enjoyed my book. I think that a large portion of my readers are women, and have noticed that many of these women are in their 50s and older. My book is helpful for people who want a general guide and resource that provides sound nutrition information, plus tips and motivation for implementing healthy habits, along with inspiring stories. Anyone interested in living a long healthy life would truly benefit from my book.

When you were a child, did you always want to be who you are now or what things have changed for you over the years?

As a child, I never knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. I kept journals from a young age thinking that I might write a memoir someday. I am still looking forward to doing that, but have quite a few more nutrition and wellness books that I want to write before that. My fascination with nutrition and fitness started with being curious about the health books and magazines that my mom had around the house. My interest in fitness grew even more in my teen years when I noticed how walking home from work and biking helped me to lose and maintain my weight when I started working at my dad’s deli. Most people gained weight when they started to work there. It was a huge eye-opener for me. And I realized that it was a major mood-lifter as well. I have been fortunate as an entrepreneur that I have been able to incorporate my passions for fitness, health, nutrition, and learning into my business.

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Jennifer Anne Gordon

Jennifer is an artist, with a range of skill sets from writing to visual arts. With her unique style, she has grown into an award-winning author with a range of dark tales. I was keen to find out how she got to where she is now.

How did you get into writing, given your vast range of other skills, and what appeals about it the most?

I really have always been a writer in my heart, since seventh grade and I was bullied in school and my English teacher let me eat lunch in her classroom when I was too scared and sad to go to the cafeteria. I would sit in that room with her and write short stories. In the years since then, I have written a lot of poetry and I wrote an independent comic book for a while. I just convinced myself for some reason that I could not write a novel, it seemed too daunting. But then last year I decided I just had to do it, I had to try. That book was my Debut Novel “Beautiful, Frightening, and Silent”. It just won the Kindle Award for Best Horror/Suspense 2020. It’s been an incredible journey with that book.

What do you love about creating darkened characters and what makes it hard?

I think I feel the same way about creating dark characters that I did by playing dark characters in a play. I just happen to find them more interesting; I love creating beautiful, broken people. I especially love creating characters that may not really be overly likable, but you cannot help but love them, even if you don’t like them. The hard part of writing anything dark and emotional is that it does take a toll on me mentally at times. Sometimes I need to step away for a few days, and just let my imagination heal.

Your books have a largely historical background, do you spend much time researching for this purpose?

Yes, I just wrote two books (My Hotel Series which includes From Daylight to Madness and When the Sleeping Dead Still Talk). These novels are gothic horror and take place in 1873. I did have to do a lot of research for these books, just to have them feel authentic. I was lucky to have a friend who is a genealogist, and she helped a lot with research about some specific things I was needing about life in Portland Maine in the 1870s.

Who is your favourite author to read, and why?

My favorite Author is Shirley Jackson, and I have always adored her work. The way she is able to play with the reader's mind is almost intoxicating. The Haunting of Hill House is a huge influence on me, I love the way she creates a world that is teetering on horror and madness. I feel like my books come from a similar place inspiration wise

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