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January 2019 - A year to share!

Unlike the rest of the world, I have not embraced writing a blog without considering the impact on the universe around me. Another voice and opinion screaming out into the darkness of the internet, clouding up public postings with my own vague and often shifting view on the world. However, in the light of the new year it also seems a good opportunity to share with you all some interesting information from some of the amazing authors that I have had the honor to meet, and maybe make some new friends along the way. After all, it should be said that writing is one of the few solitary pursuits done by those who hope to influence the world of others.

This month's author: Diane Hester Diane is the award finalist author of "Run to Me" and has recently published her second novel "Hit and Run". Her writing is full of suspense, twists and turns and strong gritty characters. So it was time to find out what inspired her stories!

Who is your favourite character you have ever created?

I have a real soft spot for child characters and my favourite is 12-year-old Zachary Ballinger, one of the protagonists in my novel ‘Run To Me’. Zack is an orphan placed in an uncaring foster home and forced to look after his two younger foster brothers. When they witness a crime, all three are forced on the run where Zack must take charge and keep his younger brothers safe - a job he feels totally ill-equipped for! How was it to make the finals for Daphne du Maurier Award? It was a total surprise, and an absolutely thrill! Out of 25 finalists there was only one other debut author, and the category I was short-listed in included three U.S. best-selling authors - Allison Brennan, Hank Phillipi Ryan, and Gretchen Archer. Simply attending the award ceremony and meeting some of my biggest heroes inspired me for months!

What are the highs and lows for being an author?

Yes, the highs and lows of being an author can look like the U.S stock exchange sometimes! The biggest high I’ve had so far was when Random House accepted my novel, Run To Me. I’d been submitting my work for over ten years with no success and to finally be picked up by a major publisher was a thrill I will never forget! The second-biggest high came about a year after Run To Me was released, when a film producer contacted me wanting to make the book into a movie. Talk about exciting! We met several times and even got as far as discussing what actors we’d get to play the parts. But in the end the project was shelved, resulting in one of my all-time author lows. (Still, the project isn’t off the charts completely, so fingers crossed it might be revived!)

Who would you define as your support system?

I’ve been in a critiquing group with three other writers for the last twenty years and they have been a tremendous help to me. Each of us seems to have a different area of expertise such as grammar, adding drama and conflict, finding inconsistencies in the plot, etc. I also very much enjoy attending writing retreats where a group of friends spend a week at a remote seaside camp and do nothing but work on our respective stories. Mixing with people who have the same passion for writing that I do is very uplifting.

If you could give advice to any upcoming writers, what would you say?

Write for the love of it. If you love the process, you can weather all the ups and downs of being a professional author. Diane's favourite way of engaging with her readers is via Facebook, where she shares snippets of her love of nature and writing at

I hope you can take a moment to support her by liking her page, and I extend my thanks to her for being my first author interviewed! Diane has graciously allowed readers of this blog to submit questions for the 48 hours from publishing, which she will respond to. So ask away!

This months book challenge - To win yourself a $10 Amazon gift card, this month I would like you to send in a review of a book you have read recently that you enjoyed. Each month our winner will have their review published in my next months blog and get the gift card information emailed to them. I will select the review that best answers to the age old question of "What made you love that book?" And so, with that concluding my first blog/newsletter I wish to thank you for taking the time to read and engage with me! VK Tritschler

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