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Chapter One

As Kerr lifted his arm, the glint from the edge of the axe flickered through the trees before the sharp strike. Repeating the process, his breathing slowed to reflect the calmness that fell over him and the deafening quiet of the woodland creatures around. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he looked across at the wooden cabin that he called home.

Smoke rose from the chimney in a long, thin, gray stream. It reminded him he wouldn’t have long before he would have to stoke the flames again with fresh fodder.

The sound of tires crunching on the gravel drive and heading in his direction caught his attention. His father had gone into town for supplies earlier that morning, so whilst he was expecting him back, the car sounded smaller and lighter. He hoisted the axe over his shoulder and headed back towards the front door to put it back in its

It was unusual to get visitors, given they lived in the middle of a forest on a remote Canadian island. Normally they would have plenty of advanced warning, since there was only one ferry on and off the island and his best friend Blake was the captain of the boat, such as it was. But Kerr had left his phone inside on the bench that morning and had been doing yard-work ever since.

A small yellow hatchback came roaring into view, the wheels flying across the dirt until slamming to a stop near the edge of his porch. Kerr could make out the two female figures inside, both blond. As the doors opened, they stepped out. He noticed one was older and the other around his own age. The older woman wore expensive looking clothing and wore a grim expression. But the younger one almost took his breath away. Her eyes were the most startling shade of purple he had ever seen. It was almost as if they glowed like amethysts as she stared across the car in his direction.

‘Um hello?’ he stumbled through the words, unable to take his gaze away from the almond-shaped eyes, heart-shaped face, and lush pink lips. He caught the soft flush of pink that tinged the woman’s cheekbones. ‘Can I help you?’

The older woman’s eyes narrowed, and she glared at Kerr before looking past him toward the front door.

‘Is Gerald home?’

Whoever this woman was, she apparently knew his father. It piqued his interest. He had lived on this island his entire life and had never once met this woman, nor heard anything about her he was aware of. Surely his father would have mentioned if he had a long-lost female relative. Or perhaps an old flame? Since his own mother had died in his infancy, he had always assumed that his father had never sought comfort from another woman. But perhaps he had? Maybe those trips for supplies through the years had hidden his true intentions?

‘No,’ he rested the blade of the axe against the decking, and leaned on the handle sightly. The older woman’s lips pinched. Whilst he was dying to ask more questions, his father had strict rules for the island. Rule number six was no visitors without permission. No exceptions. And though he loved his father dearly, he knew better than to break the rules.

‘Well?’ she arched an eyebrow in his direction.

‘Well, what?’ he countered back. He noticed that the younger one had lowered her gaze, as if avoiding what he suspected was about to become a feisty confrontation.

Even from the distance, he heard the sharp click of the woman’s tongue.

‘Don’t waste my time, please,’ she growled out. ‘Where is Gerald?’

He was going to answer back with something equally sharp when the younger woman caught his attention when he thought he saw her give a quick shake of her head. Her gaze lifted and caught his own again. There was something about her eyes that seemed to draw him in. They were mesmerizing. Sucking in his breath, he replied, ‘He shouldn’t be long,’ surprising himself that he revealed the truth. What was going on? Why had he told her that?

‘Good,’ the woman slammed close the door of the car and strode in his direction, casually calling to over her shoulder. ‘Come on, Vadya, let’s go inside and wait.’

Vadya. An unusual name for an unusual lady.

Its time to make a choice!

Should Kerr ~

A) Let them inside they seem harmless enough...

B) Tell them to leave. His Father made the rules for a reason...

Put your choice in the comments below. The one selected the most will determine what happens to the characters next!

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