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Becoming my own motivation

I joined the gym recently, and as part of the sign-up they offered me a free personal training so I could identify my goals and get some advice on how to plan for success. Upon reflection, it's something I thought I would include in my writing life, the setting of goals and the tick sheets of accomplishment. Because too often I am having small successes and these are making me a fitter, healthier author, but I do not see them; I only see the final weight on the scale. And as any trainer will tell you, the scale only tells you half the story. It tells you how many books you may have sold, read or handled, but it can not tell you the value you got from those transactions. It cannot tell you if you are working on the right areas, or where you might need to add some focus to get better results. So I am going to spend more time this year working on my goals, and talking with other professionals to trim down and tone up. Both in my writing and on my treadmill.

This month's authors:

Maricar Bangius

Maricar is a spirited author with a love of fantasy and baking, not always in that order. With her love of writing and story telling she brought to live the tale of Jimmy and his friends in her first book, Otuna's Flute. I had the pleasure of asking her some questions about her writing.

How do you get inspiration from the world around you and how does this influence your writing?

  People, nature, places - everything and anything, really. Just by observing them, I get ideas out of the blue and this feeling that I want to create something.  What is your favourite character that you have created and what inspired you about them? I see myself in Jimmy White, the kid who loves to travel and go on adventures. I like Alvar too, he's brave and courageous, yet he also has flaws. Most of my characters are inspired by some people I know and their experiences. 

Who is your key supporter in your art, and how do they support you?

My family, close friends and some people I've worked with. They pray for me, say positive things to me and appreciate my work and the effort I put into it.  What process do you go through when you start a new project?

I usually jot down all my plans and ideas. When I have everything I need that's when I'll start. If it's there, it's there. I don't force myself. It works for me that way. 

Maricar's s favorite way of engaging with his readers is by writing strong stories with unique plot twists. She loves to make her readers guess and crave more. You can find more contact information at: I hope you can take a moment to support her by liking her page, and I extend my thanks to Maricar for being interviewed!

D. Thrush

D.Thrush is a New Yorker, with a love of writing and the exploration of family. friends love and life. She kindly gave me some insight into her writing by answering my questions below.

When you start a new story, where do you like to get inspiration from?

Inspiration can come from anywhere. A dream was part of the inspiration for my first book Guardian of the Light. Sesame Street inspired my book Fairy Tale Karma based on Cinderella. My mother told me to write The Daughter Claus, and a careless comment about a friend inspired Whims & Vices. Sometimes it's just a first line or crumb of an idea that comes to me. And, of course, my personal experiences flavor everything (in a variety of genres).

Do you have any supporters or helpers in your writing process?

My boyfriend, David is very supportive and I have a long-time friend, Lisa, who has always been a fan of my writing. (I named a character after her in The Daughter Claus.) But I mostly do everything myself and I’m always learning and sharing information with other writers.

When you get stuck in an idea, how to you crack the writing block?

Oh, writer’s block! I know it well. I get stuck a lot. You have to just power through it or take a break until your ideas catch up to your writing. Maybe you’re not writing the story that really grabs you and you need to work on one that does. It takes a great deal of persistence to write a book. Even if nobody buys it, it’s still a great accomplishment. But it is nice to know that readers are enjoying your book!

What’s the last character you created, and what did you like or not like about them?

I just started working on a new book so my newest character is still forming. I usually write female characters who aren’t confident but are stronger than they realize. Maybe I’m trying to tell myself something! But I don’t like when women don’t stand up for themselves and revolve around some guy. (Yes, I’ve been guilty.) So, I like to write protagonists who start out insecure or selfish or clueless and have to save themselves and eventually become stronger and wiser. D. Thrush gave up social media. (Gasp!). She prefers to connect with readers and other writers directly on Goodreads where it’s all about books. But her favorite way to connect with readers is through her email list. She really loves to have a “conversation” when they email. I hope you can take a moment to support her by joining her email list, and I extend my thanks to her for being interviewed!

This months book challenge - To win yourself a $10 Amazon gift card, this month I would like you to send in a review of a book you have read recently that you enjoyed. Each month our winner will have their review published in my next months blog and get the gift card information emailed to them. So send me your review - any book, any genre, let's see what you love to read! I wish to thank you for taking the time to read and engage with me! Happy reading everyone! VK Tritschler

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