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Authors are no Fools

The funny thing about history, is sometimes we keep the concepts, but we lose the facts. April Fools Day is an example of this. Having existed for several centuries, there is no solid answer as to why we play practical jokes and pranks on others on the first day of April. Somehow, along the way, the story that started the whole process has been lost.

Which got me thinking this week about the importance of being an author. Providing a story and an understanding, is important not only for readers but for society. We, as authors, create the words that form societies understanding of the world around them, or a record of things that have happened. This year, without a doubt, there will be hundreds if not thousands of new stories where the characters are involved in Covid and isolation. And this story will be woven into our history through these characters, forming an understanding for future generations of what life was like now, and how people reacted. So I was keen to find out what this years authors are working on and what inspiration they had for their current and future characters.

This month's authors: Melinda Curtis Melinda writes clean romance and sweet romantic comedy, often featuring second chance romance. So I was keen to find out why writing was her first great love.

From a Fortune 500 company to Romance author - what made you take the leap?

There is a grind to corporate life that wore on me over time. One year, I travelled twenty-six weeks and logged over 100,000 air miles. I felt like my bag was always packed and that I was missing out on my kids growing up and my parents in their golden years. I transitioned to consulting while I wrote part-time, and then just took a leap of faith to become a full-time writer.

You have an extensive book range, what’s your formula for keeping creative?

I’ve always been curious. My husband jokes that I’m a renaissance woman, meaning I know a little about almost everything. That helps when creating settings and plots. I’m also incredibly interested in people and their relationships. It’s that curiosity that leads me to characters and an interesting journey they need to make to find a happy ending. I’d probably be bored writing the same plot and emotional journey over and over.

Of all your characters who do you feel most closely reflects yourself?

All my characters have a little bit of me in there somewhere, but it is often amplified and put in a different context. For example, I know how it feels to be thrust into a new role at a company so I could relate to Darcy, my heroine in Dream a Little Dream, who inherits a judgeship until the next election. When an opportunity like that falls into your lap, you don’t want to fall flat on your face and you’re very sensitive to the dynamics around you – who wanted the job, who thinks you don’t deserve it, etc.

What’s the best review you have ever had and why?

I try not to read reviews since they mess with my writing process and have me second-guessing my words, although I do see reviews as “my people” send me the good ones – lol. However, when another author I admire gives me praise, I always sit up and take notice. That’s what happened when New York Times bestseller Jayne Ann Krentz said this about Can’t Hurry Love, "Nobody does emotional, heart-warming small-town romance like Melinda Curtis. This is a wonderful tonic of a book." She went on to praise me for my humour and ability to build a community around my romances. It was a peer-to-peer review that stayed with me.

Melinda likes to stay in touch with her social media sites: I hope you can take a moment to offer support for her by checking out her book, and I extend my thanks for being interviewed!

Mary Elizabeth Jackson Mary is an author who knows all about bringing out the best in others. As a multi-talented writer, she brings an extensive knowledge about supporting equality with others. So I was keen to know how she managed to bring her message out in her books.

As not just an author of books but an empowerer of children, what does the start of your writing process look like?

Since my goal is to write empowering books for kids that include tools, information, resources, and things they can apply in their everyday life, I write with this in mind no matter what the inspiration is. We can use every opportunity that presents itself with a child to teach them something. Writing stories is a great avenue to help them learn starting out very young and continuing with them as they grow. So as I am creating something I think about what I can include that helps them love literacy and reading as well as empower them with positive lessons, words, and other tools to know they are okay no matter how they came into this life. As well as they can use positive words to empower themselves and others. I love to add silly words because all children love silly words, it is fun to watch them laugh, and they learn easier through laughter.

How do you juggle all of your roles as mother, advocate, author and marketer? Does one influence the other?

This is a challenge everyday and I would love to say I have it working perfectly but each day is a work in progress. I have added full-time homeschooling this year due the current situation so that has presented its own challenges for what I have time for each day. I have to schedule as much as I can to get it all in. But I also use my schedule to help me delegate my time so I can get more done. Some of my roles do actually support and influence one another which works out well because then I can accomplish more that way. I have had to learn the art of efficiency, taking anytime that is available to use (like writing in the car rider line, at practices, and lessons if I need to) and organizing myself and my goals. I write down all that I have to do each day to help me stay focused and get things accomplished. If things are getting overwhelming then I have to step back and look at what the goals are and what is doable and what may have to wait till another day. I would love more time in my day.

Who would you consider your best support for your books and why?

My best support is my family. I have a co-writer Thornton Cline that is very supportive and some close friends around me that are supportive as well as my publicists Creative Edge (Mickey Mikkelson) and publisher Tuscany Bay Books (Jim Christina). Going from just being a mom to adding the roles I have was a big adjustment for my family but they are all very supportive now with my time and what I want to accomplish and I include them in everything I can. It is a family effort to make any of this happen. For example: my girls recorded the songs that go with the first book in my series. My son was part of the inspiration behind the books and the covers and some of the illustrations are of him. My girls go to events with me and sing. My middle daughter is now one of my illustrators. My middle grade reader she has illustrated will come out soon. My little guy and I are working on a YouTube channel. I have also teamed up with my local library for some projects and they are very supportive too. Next week we are starting a live video series once a month where we will be doing projects and experiments for kids of all abilities and disabilities.

If you could speak with any author living or deceased, who would it be, and why?

It is very hard to choose because I love so many of them. Their creativity and brilliance to inspire kids is so special. I would love to meet Beatrix Potter because she really engaged her inner child and her connection to nature and animals to inspire her writing. I would love to know her writing process and what it is was truly like for her as a woman back during the time she lived. As challenging as it was for women then she also had help and others that believed in what she was doing along her path. Her books have stood the test of time and are still loved today. Writing for kids today is completely different but lessons from some of the greats would be wonderful.

Mary Elizabeth loves to engage in person best, but can be reached at her website She is also on Facebook, Instagram @ maryjackson444, twitter @ Mary_E_Jackson, and on LinkedIn @ MaryEJackson

I hope you can take a moment to offer support for her by checking out her book, and I extend my thanks for being interviewed!

I wish to thank you for taking the time to read and engage with me! Happy reading everyone!

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Dru, a famous race car driver and inheritor of one of the most influential packs in Australia, is trying to escape notoriety, and his fate. Prepared to throw away everything, he is trusting his instincts to get him through.

Together they find themselves stuck in a small rundown deserted town called Nowhere in the wilderness of rural Australia.

Can they learn to trust each other and find a future, or is the call of the wild too strong?


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