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The Secret Life of Sarah Meads

Hard-working Mum, Sarah Meads, catches the eye of the handsome and mysterious gypsy Antonio at the local school fete in Adelaide and is persuaded to bring a little excitement back into her life. But her experimentation in the occult comes at a cost. Will hers be her sanity?

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Magic & Mischief

Whether Gods or Demons, when romance and magic mix, anything is possible. Join Inkspell authors as they enchant you with these NINE stories filled with supernatural twists and turns!


Everwood Academy by Clara Winter

With the casting of a single spell, Grace’s world falls apart. Enrolled in Everwood Academy, the teen discovers that darkness is everywhere, leading her into a dangerous trap where even her new friends won't be able to save her.


Don’t Mess with the Gods by Mark Love and Elle Nina Castle

Solana doubts her sanity when four Greek gods visit. Enter psychiatrist Dr. Michael Granger. Two people existing. Leave it to the Greek gods to help them live a little.


Vital Impetus by VK Tritschler

Lost between worlds, Jess is hunted. Fighting back using newfound powers the teen has yet to understand, her only help is an old childhood friend with secrets of his own. Will their reunion be her salvation or the end of her life?


Breath of Life by Kristy Centeno

In a blink of an eye, Arie Garcia is thrust into a dangerous world--unsure if the man claiming to be her savior is in fact one…or…something much worse.


My Soul to Save by Nicole Sobon

Some birthdays are special. Mine proves to be life altering. I only hope I can survive it.

The Urn in the Attic by Liz Ashlee

Anna, Dani and Wilson only want to clean out their attic, but they find an urn. When weird things happen around the house, is it an unwanted entity...or just the cat?


The Curse of Cinder Ash by Mikaël Lemieux

Plagued by a curse and ruled by evil, a traveler must save the town of Cinder Ash to find a piece of his soul.


Through the Mirror by Majanka Verstraete

As a Gatekeeper, sixteen-year-old Aster protects innocent people from demons, and sends them back through mirrors—gates—to hell. When Collin Mortimer, a Dark Caster and one of the most popular guys in school, asks Aster for help and she accepts, it might be the deadliest mistake of her life.


Curses, Quests and Cuties by Celia Mulder

A love story no one asked for set in motion by a curse no one can break.

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The Risky Business of


Disillusioned and suffering severe anxiety from the Christchurch earthquakes, Samantha Morgan is on the hunt for a rich husband and a quiet life to save her sanity. She moves to Port Victor, a town with the highest per capita millionaires, in the sweeping South Australian countryside. There she meets Max who doesn't fit her strict criteria, and is torn between her attraction for him and her goals for herself.

Max Haydon enjoys farming and keeping a low profile in his small town and has no intention of taking over the family's expansive business ventures. But when his parents hire the beautiful, complicated Samantha to uncover a fraudster, he has to think twice about getting involved. With Samantha kidnapped, time is running out.

Can they find love despite their different agendas, or will the risks be too costly for them both?

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A Bit About Me

My Story

I am a full-time busy body and part-time imagination conjurer. I live on the amazing Eyre Peninsula, having moved here from my hometown in New Zealand. My family consists of my adorable and patient husband, two rampant boys and too many pets to mention.
I have a wonderful set of amazing writers who support me in the form of Eyre Writers, and in return, I offer crowd control services for the Youth section who are the future best-selling authors.
I hope you enjoy my books as much as I have enjoyed writing them down for you all.

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