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The Risky Business of Romance

10th October, 2020


Vital Impetus - Magic & Mischief Anthology

July 2020

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Whether Gods or Demons, when romance and magic mix, anything is possible. Join Inkspell authors as they enchant you with these NINE stories filled with supernatural twists and turns!

Vital Impetus :

Lost between worlds, Jess is hunted. Fighting back using newfound powers the teen has yet to understand, her only help is an old childhood friend with secrets of his own. Will their reunion be her salvation or the end of her life?

Disillusioned and suffering severe anxiety from the Christchurch earthquakes, Samantha Morgan is on the hunt for a rich husband and a quiet life to save her sanity. She moves to Port Victor, a town with the highest per capita millionaires, in the sweeping South Australian countryside. There she meets Max who doesn't fit her strict criteria, and is torn between her attraction for him and her goals for herself.

Max Haydon enjoys farming and keeping a low profile in his small town and has no intention of taking over the family's expansive business ventures. But when his parents hire the beautiful, complicated Samantha to uncover a fraudster, he has to think twice about getting involved. With Samantha kidnapped, time is running out.

Can they find love despite their different agendas, or will the risks be too costly for them both?


The Heart of Nowhere

20th November 2021

He’s back, and he’s protective.

Nicci, an abandoned were-panther only just reunited with her family, has now not only formed her own pack and become the Alpha, but has become a target for others who want her bloodline.

Dru, a famous race car driver and inheritor of one of the most influential packs in Australia, was trying to escape notoriety and his fate but instead found Nicci and fell in love. Now he must prove himself worthy of being pack Alpha by being a better leader than his father ever was.

Together they formed a new pack in a deserted town called Nowhere in the wilderness of rural Australia.

When Sebastian, a were-bear from Nicci’s past comes to town to warn them that she is in danger, Dru can’t handle his emotions. Mad with jealousy, he soon finds himself unintentionally back in the clutches of his father’s plans. Nicci’s family come to help defend the folk of Nowhere, but are their efforts genuine or do they have plans of their own?

Who will save Nowhere, or will both their worlds collide?


A Town Called Nowhere

23rd April 2021

Nicci, a werepanther since a child and without a pack, finds herself on the run from the law. With nothing left to lose, she doesn't trust anything, especially her own heart.

Dru, a famous race car driver and inheritor of one of the most influential packs of Australia, is trying to escape notoriety, and his fate.

Together they find themselves stuck in a small abandoned town called Nowhere in the wilderness of rural Australia.

Can they learn to trust each other and find a future, or is the call of the wild too strong?


Vital Impetus - Revenge Seeker

Coming in February 2022!

If you loved the first part of Vital Impetus from the Magic & Mischief series - you will love the heart stopping action in Jess's next adventures!


Trade Secrets - New Release

December 10th 2020

What happens when your dream job turns out to be a hot

Emily earned a spot in a top Adelaide advertising agency and was excited to be starting her professional career. But on her very first day she gets coffee spilled on her by Meg, her new and
complicated co-worker; runs into Jimmy, her wildly inappropriate boss;
and gets stuck in an elevator with Harry, who is the hottest guy in the
industry and her company’s biggest competitor.

When Jimmy enlists Emily to spy on Harry and his company, things become more complicated.

But Emily finds that her life isn’t as perfect as she’d dreamed. Now, she has to choose between handsome Harry, who may not be all he seems, and bawdy Jimmy, who is exactly what she fears.
Secrets and hidden agendas rip apart Emily’s dreams. Will she pick
the devil she knows or the one she


About the author

VK Tritschler is a native New Zealander/Canadian, who is now residing in Port Lincoln, South Australia. She had been a member of Eyre Writers (an established author and writers group) since 2010 and has been an active writer since youth. The Secret Life of Sarah Meads (Chic-Lit) was her first published book and utilized her background as a mother, woman, and degree in Psychology. Her next releases, Magic and Mischief - Vital Impetus (Paranormal Anthology), The Risky Business of Romance (Romantic Suspense), and Trade Secrets (Rom-Com) is due to be released in December 2020.

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"As they kissed, the entire world disappeared. The only thing remaining was the two of them and the tastes and sensations of exploring each other. His lips were soft and persuasive, offering sweetness, and she was completely unable to resist. As they finished, they leaned back, faces close but not touching, and both of them with ragged breaths."

VK Tritschler

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